The social drama of post-traumatic Stress in the Armed Forces

A country like Colombia with more than 50 years of conflict and wars with mafias, drug traffickers, paramilitaries, guerrillas with confrontations, massacres, terrorist attacks that have left more than 8 million dead (almost 20% of the population). In this country, one of the most violent countries in the world, there is ample evidence to believe that post-traumatic stress exists not only in the military and police but also in the civilian population that has been exposed to these traumatic acts of cruelty.


The families of soldiers fighters in the war against the FARC suffering from the Stress-Traumatic of their children, parents and brothers, who lost in the first moment they returned from the war, with a irritable, evil and disconnected from the family behavior.

It is painful to see this situation of people, who by giving the rest of Colombians, the security mentioned in the constitution, have to pay such a high price: in some cases their lives in combat or their lives on returning from combat as a result of the medications that they consume to attenuate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (mostly opioids) or suicidal tendencies generated by this type of stress.


This is a drama lived by thousands of relatives of the military and police, who agreed that they will provide a service to the country, a very expensive and painful service for all.


In other countries with more developed economies such as Canada, the United States and Israel, they are taking steps to recover these soldiers for their families and their country. In Colombia there are still no studies, and there has been very little interest in this topic.


Colombia is a privileged country, in August of 2016 the Colombian Congress approved a new law that regulates the medicinal use of cannabis, let’s try to work together to put our contribution and power among all to solve the Post Traumatic Stress of both the military and police, as of displaced families and victims of violence.


Let’s all work together to hear phrases from children like: “I recovered my dad” after years of [him] being disconnected, irritable and evil “, and wives also saying: “I recovered my husband.” This is a happiness that has no price and for which we want to contribute in this Cannaciencia symposium.


Through Dr. Sue Sisley, the only doctor in the world who conducts a clinical study on the benefits of medical cannabis in US veterans with post-traumatic stress, approved by the FDA.

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