At the recent General Assembly of Asocolcana, on February 28, 2018, Olga Lucia Lozano Vice Minister of Foreign Trade of Colombia, mentioned the following that we consider premomorum: “One of the cases that most attract our attention is the case of flowers, When one asks how the flowers developed, the answer is: it was a team of scientists, government and industrialists. Some students say that Bogotá is the best place to grow flowers in the world, the pro-expo gentlemen believe the students and support them, and some exceptional entrepreneurs are added and that equation gives: Colombia is the second largest exporter of flowers biggest in the world. This example looks like what the Cannabis Industry is going to be like”.


This is the Flower Industry that Colombia has managed to build, this is our great challenge to achieve in the Medicinal Cannabis Industry.



This is a very complex industry that, as Dr. Daniela Vergara, a speaker at Cannaciencia, very well says, requires open information, teamwork and collaboration between science and industry.