Dr. Sue Sisley: “Veteran of Medicinal Cannabis Research in the World”

It is a pride as a Colombian to present Dr. Sue Sisley who will be in Colombia on April 20 and 21 to be a keynote speaker at the International Cannaciencia Symposium on Medicinal Cannabis.


It is a privilege for us to learn from Dr. Sue, whom I have called the “WARRIOR of Medicinal Cannabis Research in the World,” she is conducting a clinical trial on the effectiveness of Medicinal Cannabis in PTSD in war veterans from United States after being stonewalled by the US government for nearly 8 years.

Dr. Sue Sisley MD, has no problem talking about how Big Pharma blocks research in whole plant Medicinal Cannabis, as well as entrepreneurs in private prisons in the United States striving to suppress efficacy research.


Discusses the DEA’s monopoly on the supply of Medicinal Cannabis for research studies, delays in supply and when it is supplied may not be the phenotypes they requested, or of inferior quality, resulting in delays in research and sabotage results about the effectiveness that the study tries to demonstrate.


Dr. Sue is a self-proclaimed “lifelong Republican” and has introduced legislation against smoking in the workplace, so at the beginning she was not a typical champion of Medicinal Cannabis, but considered herself a skeptic and still does.


The way Dr. Sisley finally comes into contact with Medicinal Cannabis was after a decade of listening to her patients telling her how cannabis has changed their lives. She had received a large amount of anecdotal evidence that had prompted her to conduct the 1st controlled clinical trial of the effectiveness of medical cannabis on PTSD in United States war veterans.


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