An approach to Dr. Uma Dhanabalan: Principal Speaker of Cannaciencia

Dr. UMA, is a very special human being, the American Chronicle has called her the “Doctor of Cannabis”, but I propose to call her and recognize her as the “Heart Doctor”.


Yes, because it is from the heart that she educates, embraces and empowers her patients using her “Total Health Care THC ” model. The use of medicinal Cannabis as an alternative and/or adjunct to improve their quality of life in patients with multiple ailments withchronic and degerative conditions. Dr Uma’s in their treatments.


She wants all doctors, health care providers and people to know the facts about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. Dr Uma states “cannabis is not for everyone yet it should be a first-line option and not the last resort .“ Dr Uma’s for h er dedication to educating people her patients and her medical colleagues was recognized at The Cannabis Business Awards 2017 as the most valuable professional (MVP) in the category “Achievements in Educational achiement Award of Medicinal Cannabis” in the United States.


Before becoming a certified family physician in the use of Medicinal Cannabis, she experienced a painful episode in her life, her mother died of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, without which she could have done much to help her, today she knows that Medicinal Cannabis It has been of great help for this type of ailment, that is why from its great heart the purpose is to educate many doctors who can help many patients in this type of ailment.


Her heart also harbors a great love for her country of origin; India, and works hard so that very soon the use of Medicinal Cannabis is legalized, and although it seems paradoxical it was from India where Cannabis migrated to the American continent, and many countries like Colombia many patients and people start to benefit for Medicinal Cannabis.


For Cannaciencia and for Colombians it is a privilege to have this great human being, who wishes from the bottom of her heart that the Cannabis Medicinal industry is a success in Colombia and she comes to do her bit to make it come true very soon.

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