Natalia Tangarife Velásquez

Natalia Tangarife Velásquez

Natalia Tangarife Velásquez, Founder and Director of the “Cultivando Esperanza” Foundation.


Natalia, a resident of Dosquebradas, Risaralda, has been treating her son Jacobo, who is suffering from refractory epilepsy since 2013, with medicinal cannabis oil and has seen how her son’s health has improved markedly.


Jacobo, one of the first children with epilepsy treated with medicinal cannabis, took 7 anticonvulsants, one of them had made him lose his peripheral vision, he had an anxiety crisis and he could not sleep. Jacobo’s health deteriorated more and more.
This is why, based on information found on the Internet and through empirical experience, he decided to start administering oil extracted from the Cannabis plant to his son.


Natalia, has started the debate so that relevant research is done to benefit other children like Jacobo who suffer from this same disease and who could benefit from a better quality of life.


Natalia, through her foundation “Cultivando Esperanza” and the Facebook group promotes self-cultivation and shares with hundreds of thousands of families, their experiences and recommendations for the cultivation, production and use of the medicinal plant for the benefit of many children as Jacobo they deserve to have alternatives to conventional ones.