Carol Ortega Algarra – B.S. in Accounting. CPA. MSC. MBA.

Carol Ortega Algarra – B.S. in Accounting. CPA. MSC. MBA.

Leader, visionary, pioneer and entrepreneur in the legal Cannabis Industry in the Americas. Founder & CEO of Muisca Capital Group, the first Latino investment management firm strategically focused on the emerging legal industry of medicinal cannabis.


Founder & BOD Chair of the Colombian Cannabis Entrepreneurs Network – RECC, which foster and serves through its programs and services cannabis ventures in Colombia, founding entity of the first cannabis science event in the Americas called CannaCiencia, a state of the art event that promotes science, research, investment and good practices of the analytical laboratory of Medicinal Cannabis in the Americas.


Educator and defender of the Latino legal cannabis industry in the Americas, promotes an inclusive industry, with gender equality, participatory and collaborative, an integral industry. She works towards eliminating disinformation, stigma, the gap between science and industry, the work as silos, biopiracy, little research, few medical experts involved, and the worst thing that Latin-America becomes just a ‘maquiladora’ region of cannabis.


She has experience in high level managerial positions in a wide variety of economic sectors, and in different areas of businesses, governments and academia.


She also has experience as a consultant in start-ups and at companies in different stages of growth, winner of several international awards in which she holds the first place in the “fast pitch competition”, space generated by the Portland Social Venture Society, in order to mobilize capital towards disruptive ventures with great potential and impact.


Regarding science, she has excelled as a researcher in the field of her profession (Business, Accounting and Finance) as a professor in Colombia, and in the United States as the lead researcher in the structure and creation of the largest program of incubation and acceleration of Latino businesses in the State of Oregon. She is located in Oregon (State where medicinal and recreational cannabis are legal), there she has been a patient, her treatment with medicinal cannabis has been a success and she has promised herself to bring these benefits and her incredible experience throughout Colombia and the Latino population in general.


She has had the opportunity to know in depth the Medicinal Cannabis industry in the United States, an industry that has been evolving and maturing for quite time now. All her experience and knowledge is expected to be transmitted at the CannaCiencia event in order to educate, promote, support and empower the patients and the Latino cannabis entrepreneur.